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Our services

Graphic Design

Whether you are unable to gather your ideas, or do not know where to start, our team of graphic designers is at here for you.
Come up with your idea or leave it to us, we will surely arrive at the concept you need regardless of the starting point.

CNC Cutting

We cut a wide range of materials, using depending on the type of material, cutting, milling, laser or waterjet technologies.
We cut plexiglass (PMMA), forex (PVC), plastics, compact polycarbonate, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, composite aluminum, marble / granite, polyurethane foam, glass and many other materials. Do you have a material that no one cuts? Contact us, we can be the solution!


Whether it is for indoors or outdoors, is a poster or you want to wrap a building in pictures, we are at your disposal with solutions.
We use the right materials for every situation, and we offer the optimal solution, so stop looking, you got where you need to be.

Shop Wrapping

The showcase is the place where the customer first looks at you, and is often the point from which your client's first impression starts.
It may be the first landmark that can connect your business with future customers, and should not be overlooked.
Let's help you make a showcase that gives a good impression to the audience you are targeting.


The totem is the landmark of your headquarters, it is a point that attracts the attention of both pedestrians and drivers due to its imposing stature and also the multitude of shapes it can take.
When it comes to a headquarters of a major company, the need for the totem is understood.
Come to us to discuss more about your future totem, we have solutions for you whether you want an imposing totem with special materials, or a very simple one.

Lighting Boxes

Light is the best ambassador of urbanization, nothing defines a city better than the way it is illuminated.
Your light sign can become a point of reference in the city, and we can make your location look different in the city light.

Channel Letters

An always handy solution to make a text or logo to stand out is to make it 3D!
Do you want to have an elegant logo on the wall where you are greeting your clients, or do you want it to be seen when you enter your imposing headquarters? WE HAVE SOLUTIONS!

Car Wrapping

We are a reference point in Brașov when it comes to vehicle wraps.
With a vast experience, and qualified personnel, we offer solutions for any vehicle, with or without engine, with wheels or propellers, which goes on land, on water or flying, nothing takes us out of our comfort zone.

Metal Works Panels / Billboards

We make a wide range of advertising panels, from small, facade panels to large road signs.
Our team will use their experience to provide you with the desired panel at competitive prices.

Textile printing

Putting your company logo on clothes is perhaps one of the most used ways to make yourself visible.
Whether they are items you gift to partners, or are employees' work equipment, textile printing is an affordable way to enhance your brand awareness.


Signage plates are necessary in any field you are, we find them everywhere and without them we would have problems finding our way.
With us you can make them in any variant, from a wide range of materials and constructive models.

Exhibition Stands

They are a top product that we provide, involving a lot of creativity and various constructive solutions.
These works are complex but can yield remarkable results when it comes to attracting new customers.